Something for Boys zo Remember…

Bei der Besichtigung der Mühle in Amish Country wurde uns dieser Text mitgegeben. Ein bekannter, liebevoller Grossvater schrieb folgendes an seinen Enkel! Ich denke es taugt auch für Mädchen! 😉


Remember well, with a bearing mind, a trusty friend is hard to find, remember that a common School education with common sense is better than a college education without it.  Remember that honesty is the best policy; Remember that to wear patched clothes is no disgrace, but a black eye is. Remember that it is better to be an honest man seven days  in a week than to be a Christian one day and a villain six days.  Remember that all Boys who carry out the above are sure to be in the right way. They should grow to be a man. Boys, be sure to remember the above.

By your friend, Grandpop GroffDSC03172

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

February 6, 1893

In my 80th year